quinta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2012

God´s of the Darkness

      God’s of the darkness      

    On the top of a hill cold winds that come from the east become involved with the grey thick fog that is broken by the light of black candles the light a black circle on the soil.
In a night of new moon with Saturn in rising two mystic forms glean under the hill a priest and priests both undressed and perform the invocation of the gods of darkness 
Then the fog becomes more dense and all light that there turns into a complete darkness in a black sky Stars emerge  like gates from others worlds a tetrahedron set under the priest hands in the key of these gates the priest touch him
The rituals start open the gates then she lay down with head pointing out to north with softly touches of his tongue the priests wets the lust and  the sexual joining begins the darkness fog and chaos are throwed [thrown]* . A rip in space among stars in the shape of a dragon the shape of ATAZOTH in front in a night of a new son two mystic forms appear under the hill the invocation of gods of darkness the tetrahedron buried there keeps the gates open

segunda-feira, 30 de julho de 2012

Hear Me

 Hear Me
Oh Father! Hear my request! Take-me from here!
 I have crept....Through the shadows...
Through mountains, valleys, deserts and forests...
Making crowds to kneel under your name!
I didn't rest while I didn't immerse my face in the blood of the Christian scum Father...    I must leave this human shape behind and reborn where the light can not reach!!!
To join your legions marching to amplify your dominion
Father....Take me to your side!!!
We shall burn the angels...We shall rape the sacred false virgin.
            And we shall stain the Heaven...With the blood from god's artery
So, we shall enthrone the darkness and hate
Where there was light and hope of harmony.
Father hear me, hear my request take-me from here.
Oh Father......Hear my request....
Take-me from here!!!
 I have crept....Through the shadows...
Through mountains, valleys, deserts and forests...
Oh Father......Hear my request....
Take-me from here!!!

segunda-feira, 11 de julho de 2011

Corpse ov Christ - BIO

Bio - BR:

A Banda de black metal CORPSE OV CHRIST é da cidade de Campos do jordão / São Paulo - Brasil. Foi formada em novembro de 2001 com um som Deathblack Metal com: Baal Beherith no baixo, Leviathan na bateria, Lord Azazel nas guitarras e Belial nos vocais. No início de 2002 gravou sua 1ª demo-cd intitulada "Supreme God's Revolt" contendo 3 músicas.

"To Goat Empire... The Lucifer's Desire"
O seu primeiro debut álbum foi gravado e produzido no estúdio Lab 6 e é distribuido por SOULERAZER DISTRO - SP.
Atualmente o trio é formado por:
BAAL BEHERITH - Guitarras e Vocais
O primeiro cd oficial, contém sete músicas e uma intro no melhor estilo Black Metal Brasil.
Darkest Regards..............666

Bio - ENG:

The black metal band CORPSE OV CHRIST is from Campos do Jordão / São Paulo - Brazil. Was formed in November 2001 with a Deathblack Metal style.
Initial Members: Baal Beherith (Bass) Leviathan (Drums) Lord Azazel (Guitars) Belial (Vocals)
In begining of 2002 the band recorded his first demo-cd entitled "Supreme God's Revolt" containing three songs.

"To Goat Empire ...The Lucifer's Desire"
The first Full-length album was recorded and produced in the Lab 6 studio and is distributed by SOULERAZER DISTRO / SP - Brazil.
Currently the band is a trio formed by:
BAAL BEHERITH - Guitars and Vocals
The Full-length cd brings seven songs and one intro in the best Black Metal Brazil style.
Darkest Regards..............666